What is easy entrance plus®?

Unique Learning Experience

Easy entrance plus is a stepping stone towards providing a learner centric atmosphere to the tech savvy generation. Interactive learning atmosphere motivates and inspires them to learn without actually being engrossed in the monotonous book based learning. In an era where teachers can be replaced by mobile assisted technologies, easy entrance is indubitably a revolution in the education sector.

In the present scenario where entrance coaching institutions with hefty amounts as fees are mushrooming, which cannot be afforded by the common class students, easy entrance renders the most efficacious self-learning tool. As self-learning yields the best results, easy entrance is the unparalleled entrance guide to the aspiring young minds.

Practice Makes Perfect

The prudently designed software contains infinite practice sessions, chapter- wise notes encapsulated in them, which helps a student recall the key points to be pondered about a topic without actually referring the whole chapters. Since alertness and steadfastness are deciding factors in any examination, this bulletin notes helps the students not waste time unnecessarily scanning through the bulky textbooks.

Exam Challenge Mode - Prepare, Share and Attempt

Easy entrance is not just your sagacious entrance coach; it is the most efficacious learning tool that links students in the outside world with whom they are to compete with. Through the Exam challenge mode, they get the rare opportunity to set a question paper for their opponents and assess their standing.

Through linking ones learning process with that of the other students, aspirants get the kind of exposure to the various question models, exam patterns and questions with varying difficulty levels. In addition to this, the learner-centric tool also allows an examiner to conduct exams for a large group scattered across different geographical locations but connected through the software. By being continuously exposed to the vivid question patterns, a student can face any competitive examination without a tinge of nervousness and makes a student exam ready.

Easy Entrance to the World of Science

Easy entrance plus is a result of the continues and brilliant effort by the science subject experts and a team which never compromise on quality. It is made deeming the psychological and academical level of the student community. All the major science subjects and its short notes are given which will help them to recall the core idea and to solve the problems.

The user can add notes to the specially arranged mode ‘notes’ when they go through each subject and each portion. Graphs, Pictures, equations, links, short notes and data from internet can be added in ‘Notes’. The subjects are arranged in a user friendly manner which ease the learning process. As we know the science subject is vast as universe, so conquering the subject needs hard work and dedication and a clear guidance. Easy entrance can guide the students and inspire them to learn more and more with its systematically arranged options.

Note Worthy Features

  • Detailed description of physics, chemistry, maths, and biology subjects
  • More than one lakh questions and its comprehensive solution
  • Short notes of each and every portion which helps to recall the important things
  • Specially designed simulation mode gives proficient practice of important entrance examinations in India including NEET, JEE MAIN, KEAM, AIPVT, CUSAT, BITSAT, VITEEE, ICAR- AIEEA, NDA
  • Practice session with different weightages including easy, average and difficult mode.
  • ‘Simulation mode’, in its original exam pattern, is specially programmed for the self-assessment of students before going to the examination hall.

The Ultimate Self Learning Tool

  • Self-learning experiences at its best, exam challenging mode allows to conduct exams and it can be shared with others
  • Rank gauge game mode option blends learning with fun
  • Specially programmed advanced mode helps to evaluate the performances

Brain Behind the Best

Easy entrance plus is developed with the suggestions from more than 70 subject experts who proved their academic talent and skill in the science world. The Question bank is prepared by 40 subject experts in Kerala, they prepared it with utmost care which undoubtedly covered all the major portions. Being approved by the education board of Kerala, easy entrance would also be recognized by other states without any hindrance. Kerala government education board has received many awards over others. Questions are being updated by experts every now and then. These features make the product unique and it enables the students to learn and practice in a different way which they have never ever experienced before. The product is highly recommended to the senior secondary science students who prepare for medical and engineering entrance examinations.