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Easy Entrance+ platform allows you to learn more faster and better. There are repeated practice tests and simulations exams to enhance your confidence levels.

Robust Learning Architecture
Scientific and systematic arrangement of topics/concepts
Intense and diverse learning experience through extended activities
Content prepared by qualified and experienced subject experts
Self assessment made easy through self paced learning
360° monitoring and 24x7 support for continuous development



An overall assessment of student performance through various graphs.


A complete input of knowledge and skills to have a strong foundation in core subjects.


The learner gains confidence by practising through various levels of questions.


Explore video lectures from your institute plus special videos from our experts which includes tips and tricks to help you crack the exam.

Specific Tests

Test your knowledge of each portion with the series of preset Q-papers.

Global Mock Test

Participate in regular global mock test to understand and improve your rank position.

Simulation Tests

Practise in real-time pattern for all the major exams like NEET, JEE Main, Pure Science and Olympiads.


Reports to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and hence improve your performance.


Grade VII & VIII
  • All features
  • 365 Days
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Grade IX & X
  • All features
  • 365 Days
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Grade XI & XII
  • All features
  • 365 Days
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Offer for XI & XII
  • All features
  • 120 Days
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Indias #1 online exam practicing platform Since #2012!

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